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All About Forex And Trading Course

In this course, we will know first about the price action. Price action is a methodology that consists of the basic movement of price across time for financial market speculation. It also includes the theory of technical analysis, which means analyzing the technique to read the market conditions and analyzing statistical trends gathered from a trading activity like volume and price movement.

Difference between price action and indicator systems
According to forex and trading courses, the indicator trader focuses on the color in the indicator chart; when the line is green, then buying option arises, and when the line becomes Red, then there will be a selling option, which is indicator trading or system and trading are done based on this indicator system. The indicator system doesn’t give profits all the time. There is more chance of having a loss. But the real price action trader always focuses on chart patterns, trend lines, candlestick patterns, market swings, structure dowsing’s and upswings, resistance and support levels, and Fibonacci levels. There are three types of price trends such as uptrend market, downtrend market, and sideways market.

What are support and resistance
Support and resistance are the levels of security price at which the price tends to stop and then get reversed, denoted by multiple touches of price without breaking the levels. In some rare cases, there arises a break in support and resistance level if the market gets closed in that past level.

According to price action trading, one can get more profit from swings. In a downtrend swing, the statistical line is lower low to lower high, but in the uptrend swing system, the buying swing is more than the selling swing, and the statistical line is in the form of lower high to higher high.