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Now Your Favourite Organic Tuscan Wine Is Complete Pesticide free!

You will see numerous wine producers worldwide claiming their products completely organic, fertilizer and pesticide-free. But they have nothing to substantiate their claims. That happened in the world capital food wines Tuscany as well. Since exclusive European regulation came into effect in 2012, the wine producers of Tuscan region neither make any unsubstantiated claim nor have any reason to do;because they are now reaping the fruits of producing quality organic wine.

You can now buy italian wine easily without any fear of being cheated. All you need to do is to perform some necessary checks.
What do new regulations entail?
The new European regulations strictly prohibit using any chemical-based fertilizer. The wine producer cannot even use herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. They have to strictly adhere to SCOF, the committee which came up with these regulations.
Recognizing organic Tuscan wine
Yes, there is indeed a regulation in place. But that does not mean all the wines sold in Italy or Tuscany per se are organic. Still, you have to be cautious while buying organic wine, because did one thing that there is quality check in place. But that resulted ina significant price hike as well.
Such regulations mostly pave the way to the parallel economy, where people quickly sell illegal products, especially to visitors and tourists. As a tourist, indeed, you don’t want to become a consumer of that parallel economy. So, here is an effortless way to avoid any such mishap. On all the legit organic wines, you will see a label saying “euro-leaf’. If you don’t find the label on the bottle, refuse and ask for a labelled bottle. This straightforward check will makesure you buy original organic tuscan wine.
The SCOF framework came as a blessing in disguise for Tuscan wine producers. As people are willing to pay the price they want, it’s a win-win for everyone.